Well, here I am

Well, here I am. Masha K Saunders. 30 yo. I do love my age. I get happier with every new number of years I’ve lived on this Planet. My native language is Russian. I was born in Germany. But now I live in America, so working on my English language improvement. I have three constant passions in life: painting (I use oil), writing (so far I write in Russian only) and languages (oh my, oh my, i wish I spoke all of them!)!

I started painting when I was only three yo. As a canvas I used the door of a balcony in my room! I needed bigger surface, than just sheets of paper 😀 Then when I was out of clean space on the door I started using the wallpaper behind the door. So that nobody could see. I remember once I painted pages in a book with green paint, because I didn’t like, that the child in the story that was written on those pages was sick and felt very bad. So I believed, that green would cheer the child up and help to get well very soon!

And now if I make a painting for someone I usually try to focus on my intuitive feeling for this person. I try to find what is this person in need of. And when I get it I put all my good energy into a process of making the painting that will bring more light and happiness to life of this person. That is how I work.

Today is a wonderful day. This life is a wonderful choice of yours. Choose wisely. Choose to be your own light! And then, maybe you will brighten up someone else’s life as if you’re a magical candle.

Peace, MashaMe


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