Mighty Sleeping Ones

Sleeping.JPGSometimes we find ourselves detached from our outer reality. All of a sudden we feel that we don’t belong here. And we realize, that all this time we’ve been trying to be something different from what and who we really are. We do this from fear to lose, from fear not to be accepted by others, from fear to be misunderstood, to be poor, to not succeed, to dissappoint someone. But one day we all realize, THIS IS A CAGE. So then we go inside ourselves, open our inner eyes and we SEE, open our inner ears and we HEAR, we let our inner voices sound and we SPEAK. We speak to our souls, to our true selves. And our true selves are telling us: “It’s time.” And we repeat aloud out these words: “It’s time.” And then we take our first steps and move forward. And nothing can stop us. Because we have been awakened. 


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