This day

Today I want to share my happiness with whoever is reading it! Nothing special happened, but LIFE! It is so enough to be happy, my friend! 

You know, today I found an old photo of me as a child posing with hat on my head and this plastic basket (I am not sure how you would call it in English). And I noticed in the mirror reflection those brushes and books! It is as if my Destiny was talking to me! And I told my little self, that everything will be perfect, no matter how dark clouds will get sometimes. EVERYTHING WILL BE JUST RIGHT FOR YOU, LITTLE MASHA! So I belive she (who is me) heard it and now she will know it for sure, thinking the Angel whispered those words into her ears! But it was me myself who is her! 

Dear friend! Find a photo of you as a child and tell yourself, everything will be just perfect and right! 

Love to you, friend of mine. Whoever you are 🙂 



#happyday #intuitiveart #positivethinking #lovelife #myfriend


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