Bio: Artist, writer. I believe in a power of a soul. I believe, that everything around us is alive. Sometimes I look at people, animals or things and I see with the eyes of my soul something absolutely different from what our physical eyes can see. We all are energy. We all are connected. And I know it. That is how I create my paintings or write my stories. Through and by means of my feelings. I believe, that we choose who we are and what we want to be in life, which quolity of life we want to have. In this Universe there are so many directions to choose from. If you feel bad turn around, look at something nice (it's always possible to find), switch the way of your thinking. And this very moment you will make a desision to be happier. It will be your silent (but very loud!) statement, that you're ready for the journey. And as a result, you will go the direction of your happiness instead of keeping to sink in this darkness. Go toward the light of your dream, toward the light of your love. Go toward the light of your soul and your passion. Go inside of yourself. Find yourself there, look into your own eyes and embrace who you are. Be yourself. Be honest. Always, always be honest and moral. Be brave. Be happy. And keep going. Love, Masha KS

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