Some inspiration to you from me


Mother of Abundance and Fertility

IMG_5323 2.copy This is one of my favourite works for now. I love looking at her, and I love feeling her energy! She is Mother of Abundance and Fertility. Let her bring happiness to your life!

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You can make it all true :)


One of my latest works. Be inspired, my friends! If you want to know what helps me feel better, feel more inspired and positive today I will tell –  it’s music. Three older songs by Cat Stevens:
1. Can’t keep it in
2. If you want to sing out, sing out
3. Don’t be shy

Be sure to listen to them today, and maybe they will make your day!

Love, Masha 😉

P.S. You can buy unframed, framed prints and prints on canvas here

Wisdom of Nature

Today I read interesting story how a dog called for help of people when it realized the building next to it’s owners house was burning. And I remembered one story, that happened to me many years ago. 

It was early morning and I was going to work. I had just left my house and was on my way to a bus station. I needed to climb up the stairs, I lived in mountain area. (Good everyday exercises for my body!) All of a sudden I heard a bird making very loud noices, as if trying to attract my attention. I looked at stair railings and saw tiny brown sparrow, making those noices and moving it’s wings as if it was so worried about something. So I took a few steps toward the bird, who immidiately flew up and landed in a moment further on those railings and kept being loud and worried. I took another step following the bird, and the same thing happened: it took off and landed again a little further still making that noice. It hapened again and again, untill the sparrow had suddenly quit and became really quiet. When I looked down under the stair railings when this bird stopped, I was amazed! The bird showed me a man laying on the side of the hill with his face down without any movements. It was a cold morning. I came up to him to see if he was alive, but just deathly drunk. But no. Unfortunately. His ears (as I said he was laying with his face down, so I could not see it) and hands were of a purple color. It was obvious, he had beed dead for a while. All I could do was to call police, which I did. And the bird flew away. 

We hear sometimes about brave cats protecting kids from dogs. About dogs saving people. But this was something really increadible for me! The sparrow led me to show me dead body of a human! I am being absolutely honest saying how worried the bird was! 

I love you, my Planet. I love you, my Nature. I love you, my animals, birds and fishes. Sparrow.JPG


NEVER, NEVER BELIEVE ANYONE TELLING YOU, THAT YOU AREN’t ABLE TO CREATE ANYTHING! Especially if they have created nothing special in their lifes! No matter where you are right now and how hard things can be, how imperfect your skills are, NEVER ADMIT, THAT IT IS FOREVER. This world needs you as you are, PERFECTLY IMPERFECT! That is what BEAUTY IS!  YOU ARE CAPABLE OF CREATING SUCH AMAZING THINGS! If you believe them and never try, you will never know how amazing you can be! PLEASE, MY DEAREST FRIEND, CREATE. Start right here right now with what you have and go! May Universe support you in your journey! 


I am almost done with my painting (30*48 inch) that’s called ‘I’m aware’. Nowadays it is in fashion to talk about self help, positive thinking, power of attraction and being aware. But what does it truly mean to be aware? Be aware of what? Why be aware? And how to be aware? 

You know, you can read thousands of books and go to hundreds of spiritual teachers and never understand anything. Yes, some of them will help you, and it will last for a while. But then you will realize, that you are walking in circles. You will ask yourself : ” Why all these spiritual exersises do not work for me anymore?” The thing is, that nobody in this world knows certain recepies, that will work perfect for everyone. I am not saying it’s not worth to try. We do need to try. It is an important process. 

But I believe, when we go within ourselves and finally look at our own souls (our true teachers), this is where and when things start changing into how they are supposed to be to make you happy and to bring you You. Our minds are too loud, they want to understand everything, to control everything, to explain everything. But it is not your mind that makes you alive! Mind is a powerful tool, but only if you use it along with your soul, when your mind and soul sing as a duet. Your soul knows who you are. It really does know. Ask it. Before falling asleep ask your own soul, who are you? Or while taking a walk outside ask this question again, ask trees in park, the sky above, birds, stray cats. And then in a while you will suddenly recollect something (or you will have a dream, or someone will start talking to you about it unexpectadly), that you dreamed about and what made you really happy and made you feel complete. That very moment tell yourself: “This is the door.” It will be the door into your true world. Forget everything you were tought. Trust your soul. And then when you have it figured, you can use your mind to make a statement: “I am moving forward. I am accepting myself. I love my world. My personnal world. And it loves me and takes care of me. I am safe.” No doubts, no analysis, only knowledge. You are you. Every cell in your body (feel it) rememberes who you are. Feel your forfathers in your blood and thank them for bringing you here. Bless them and move forward. They will be with you, in you, all their knowledge, love and wisdom will be with you. Aware.JPG