Some inspiration to you from me




I finished another painting/collage 🙂  The writing on it says, “We all are old souls. We remember our names. We remember who we are and why we are here. We watch life. We keep silence, but our hearts speak… We are travelers…”




So last night I started on a new project and stayed up till 4 in the morning. Today I finished it. And that’s what it looks like. Very soon my collages, paintings and prints will be available for everyone who would like to buy them 🙂

Please, listen to your intuition and love yourself. Hope you will find a cozy place for you under this sun 🙂

Love, Masha

P.S. You can buy unframed, framed prints of my paintings and prints on canvas here

Me and you. And each of us.

Since I moved here I haven’t been successful at making friends… That’s what I thought. 

Silly, silly me! 

I AM successful at making truly wonderful friends. Me and my husband have a friend. He came over to spend some fun time with us a few days ago. We were sitting in the kitchen, drinking tea and silently listening to music. I am saying “silently”, for literally  none of us said anything for a while. But it was not necessary at all. None of us felt uncomfortable. And now I am telling you this, if you have someone you can simply listen to the music with and not just listen, but truly HEAR it, and you both do not need words, for you both are comfortable and enjoying this moment, so I am telling you, YOU ARE ONE LUCKY PERSON. Say “thank you” to this world for giving you a friend.

Please, be happier today, than you were yesterday 🙂

Love, Masha


NEVER, NEVER BELIEVE ANYONE TELLING YOU, THAT YOU AREN’t ABLE TO CREATE ANYTHING! Especially if they have created nothing special in their lifes! No matter where you are right now and how hard things can be, how imperfect your skills are, NEVER ADMIT, THAT IT IS FOREVER. This world needs you as you are, PERFECTLY IMPERFECT! That is what BEAUTY IS!  YOU ARE CAPABLE OF CREATING SUCH AMAZING THINGS! If you believe them and never try, you will never know how amazing you can be! PLEASE, MY DEAREST FRIEND, CREATE. Start right here right now with what you have and go! May Universe support you in your journey! 

Farewell to fears

Unfortunately I don’t have better quolity photo of this really old painting of mine. And it isn’t possible to see some details up close, but anyways I want to tell you about this painting. Years ago I found myself not being able to live with my fears any longer. The fears that had been in my soul since I was little. I think,for me it was not so easy to get rid of them, because of my natural sensitivity. I took everything too close to my little young heart. But then I grew up. And one day I really really was able to see and comprehend why nothing I wanted to do in life was working out for me. Or if things were going really well and promissed to be even better, almost perfect soon, something would suddenly happen and destroy, completely destroy all I had done by that moment. Sometimes the situation could get very scarry and paralizing. This happened repeatedly over and over again, EVERY TIME I started new project. I won’t talk about the thoughts and analizing process in my mind at that time of my life. But I will say, that I made a desision not to dig deeper and deeper trying to find out what was wrong with me, because it would just make me crazy. I took my brushes and canvases and made three paintings. The biggest one is what you see here. It’s called “Cut off head of my fear”. This fear is represented as a body of a human dressed in black, because I had this image when I was growing up, the image that scared me long ago. It wasn’t a real person. Actually I don’t know who or what was it. Or where did this come from. Either it was my dream, childish imagination or a different place in this interesting world. But I really could feel dark energy of this guest in my life. 

The woman’s name is Marina. She’s holding a fire sward. The sward, that belongs to Michael The Archangel, who protects us from dark, evil thoughts, fears ect., besides all the other things. 

Two other paintings I made along with this one were called “Marina” and “Marina can’t be blind anymore”. The strange thing was, that while working on them I had a feling that I wasn’t making them for myself only. I had a strong feeling that I am making them for someone else who needs this visual message that my paintings had in them. I wasn’t planning on selling them, I wanted to keep them. But soon I cought myself on a thought, that for some weird reason I need to let them go wherever they choose (I know, this sounds weird. But I believe, my paintings choose their owners by their own). In a while I posted those two paintings online (decided not to post the one about the fear. I thought it looked creepy). And next morning I recieved a message from a woman named Marina. She wanted to buy both paintings and said she needs them, because she was going through something in her life and the paintings are absolutely about her. And then I showed her “Cut off head of my fear”, and she wanted to buythis painting  too! 

Unfortnately, I have no idea what happened to Marina after I have sent the paintings to her. She only messaged me about painting being delievered and promissed to tell me more soon. But she never did. And I do not have her contacts. But I believe, she is in a right place in her life and was able to overcone any difficulties whatever they were. I hope she will always be able to find this fire sward within herself. And it will protect her from all the bad things.