Some inspiration to you from me


Born under Spica

A couple of days ago I finished this painting. And I am absolutely in love with it. From the very beginning when I had just started working on it, I felt so happy every time I looked at her face. And the feeling that I know her could not leave me. I understand she probably existed somewhere in my subconsciousness all this time. And this can be a reason her face looked so familiar to me. But also, deep within I have a feeling that she was me (or I was her) in one of my previous lifes 🙂 Am I silly? I don’t care. I feel connection. I feel love.

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I finished another painting/collage 🙂  The writing on it says, “We all are old souls. We remember our names. We remember who we are and why we are here. We watch life. We keep silence, but our hearts speak… We are travelers…”


Hair of Universe and Cosmical mirrors

I am done! 

Cosmical mirrors

Me and you. And each of us.

Since I moved here I haven’t been successful at making friends… That’s what I thought. 

Silly, silly me! 

I AM successful at making truly wonderful friends. Me and my husband have a friend. He came over to spend some fun time with us a few days ago. We were sitting in the kitchen, drinking tea and silently listening to music. I am saying “silently”, for literally  none of us said anything for a while. But it was not necessary at all. None of us felt uncomfortable. And now I am telling you this, if you have someone you can simply listen to the music with and not just listen, but truly HEAR it, and you both do not need words, for you both are comfortable and enjoying this moment, so I am telling you, YOU ARE ONE LUCKY PERSON. Say “thank you” to this world for giving you a friend.

Please, be happier today, than you were yesterday 🙂

Love, Masha


NEVER, NEVER BELIEVE ANYONE TELLING YOU, THAT YOU AREN’t ABLE TO CREATE ANYTHING! Especially if they have created nothing special in their lifes! No matter where you are right now and how hard things can be, how imperfect your skills are, NEVER ADMIT, THAT IT IS FOREVER. This world needs you as you are, PERFECTLY IMPERFECT! That is what BEAUTY IS!  YOU ARE CAPABLE OF CREATING SUCH AMAZING THINGS! If you believe them and never try, you will never know how amazing you can be! PLEASE, MY DEAREST FRIEND, CREATE. Start right here right now with what you have and go! May Universe support you in your journey! 

This day

Today I want to share my happiness with whoever is reading it! Nothing special happened, but LIFE! It is so enough to be happy, my friend! 

You know, today I found an old photo of me as a child posing with hat on my head and this plastic basket (I am not sure how you would call it in English). And I noticed in the mirror reflection those brushes and books! It is as if my Destiny was talking to me! And I told my little self, that everything will be perfect, no matter how dark clouds will get sometimes. EVERYTHING WILL BE JUST RIGHT FOR YOU, LITTLE MASHA! So I belive she (who is me) heard it and now she will know it for sure, thinking the Angel whispered those words into her ears! But it was me myself who is her! 

Dear friend! Find a photo of you as a child and tell yourself, everything will be just perfect and right! 

Love to you, friend of mine. Whoever you are 🙂 



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Old souls.

For young souls: remember, that every time you feed homeless person or stray animal (any animal) you actually feed your own soul. 

For old souls: remember who you are and don’t judge yourself for being too sensitive. 

To all the souls: love each other. We all are the same. No matter what color is our skin, which nationality we are,  how tall we are and how old our bodies are, who is more or less educated amd makes more or less money, how big or small are our houses or apartments. This life is not about anything of this. Travel more, expand your world. Meet people of different traditions. Read classic book and listen to immortal music. That is how you grow and educate yourself. 

It’s time!