Some inspiration to you from me



I finished another painting/collage 🙂  The writing on it says, “We all are old souls. We remember our names. We remember who we are and why we are here. We watch life. We keep silence, but our hearts speak… We are travelers…”


Wisdom of Nature

Today I read interesting story how a dog called for help of people when it realized the building next to it’s owners house was burning. And I remembered one story, that happened to me many years ago. 

It was early morning and I was going to work. I had just left my house and was on my way to a bus station. I needed to climb up the stairs, I lived in mountain area. (Good everyday exercises for my body!) All of a sudden I heard a bird making very loud noices, as if trying to attract my attention. I looked at stair railings and saw tiny brown sparrow, making those noices and moving it’s wings as if it was so worried about something. So I took a few steps toward the bird, who immidiately flew up and landed in a moment further on those railings and kept being loud and worried. I took another step following the bird, and the same thing happened: it took off and landed again a little further still making that noice. It hapened again and again, untill the sparrow had suddenly quit and became really quiet. When I looked down under the stair railings when this bird stopped, I was amazed! The bird showed me a man laying on the side of the hill with his face down without any movements. It was a cold morning. I came up to him to see if he was alive, but just deathly drunk. But no. Unfortunately. His ears (as I said he was laying with his face down, so I could not see it) and hands were of a purple color. It was obvious, he had beed dead for a while. All I could do was to call police, which I did. And the bird flew away. 

We hear sometimes about brave cats protecting kids from dogs. About dogs saving people. But this was something really increadible for me! The sparrow led me to show me dead body of a human! I am being absolutely honest saying how worried the bird was! 

I love you, my Planet. I love you, my Nature. I love you, my animals, birds and fishes. Sparrow.JPG